About us

About us

Executive Chairman's Voice

We have responded to many customers by producing polished shafts as our main product, including piston rods for oil pressure cylinders, various shafts for car and construction machines, and hard chrome plating shafts which has been used in every industry.

With the introduction of information technology, innovation, and further globalization, a socially driven and more intense competition is expected in the future. In the meantime, we will continue to meet expectations and maintain the trust of our customers with the highest quality of standards and techniques, while considering the delicate balance of harmony with the environment.

I appreciate your guidance and thank you for your continuous support.


Shigeru Ogiso, Exective Chairman


President's Voice

Our company has produced polished shafts since its establishment in 1939.

Recently, we have also begun producing peeling steel bars, grounded polished steel bars, processing products and slide shaft with high accuracy as well as steel bar drawing, as the result of hearing the customer's voice and responding to the customer's needs, while staying up to date with developing technologies.

Furthermore, we continue to perform the production of quality goods, which allows us to accept more customers through value-based relationships, and make an effort day and night to provide better products and service.

We hope to receive your continued patronage in the future.


Tomohiro Ogiso, President and CEO




Company Policy

Deliver our products with 100% customer satisfaction on a daily basis.


Our Basic Environmental Policy

To implement and continuously improve the environmental management system, strive to prevent environmental pollution, and produce products that help conserve energy.


Priority Implementation Issues

We enforce environmental management through a system that continuously improves and seeks to minimize environmental pollution.

Our company makes energy-saving products, while constantly seeking to develop energy-efficent products.

Important priorities:

1. Compliance with the requirements of stakeholders and company ordinances, and environmental laws as accepted.

2. Thorough management of chemical substances, and prevention of spills outside of the plant.

3. Reduce the amount of industrial waste through sensible methods and procedures.

4. In order to reduce energy consumption per unit of consumption, we aim to: improve availability of edible produce and use resources effectively.

i. Improve yield through effective use of resources.

ii. Consider energy conservation when introducing new equipment.

iii. Promote productivity improvement activities to maximize effective use of energy.



Ogiso Kogyo Co., Ltd. 

Tomohiro Ogiso, President and CEO 


Company Outline


Ogiso Kogyo Co., Ltd.


April 1939


95.4 million yen

Exective Chairman

Shigeru Ogiso

President and CEO

Tomohiro Ogiso

Number of Employees

(As of April 2011) 284

Number of Employees

(As of April 2011) 284


Ogiso Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Nagoya Corporate Headquarters

Address 2-1 Tomifune-cho,Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi , Japan ZIP Code 454-0823 

TEL +81(052) 361-1231, Fax +81(052) 361-4415


95,400,000 yen ($1,026,140 USD)

Sales volume

10.4 billion yen  (FY 2010)


Company History


Founded as a partnership in manufacturing shaft shop “Ogiso Shoten” in Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya. 

Started production of polished steel bar, cold drawn.


Ogiso Kogyo Co., Ltd. was established. ¥ 100 million in capital. 

President Shigeo Ogiso.


Certified as a “Polished Steel Bar” factory with the Japanese Industrial Standards, and display permit plant (JIS G3130).


Bar Turner (peeling) plant expansion, began the production of the product turning.


Centerless grinder plant expansion, product expansion in the production of grinding.


Kasugai Factory expansion, began professional operations manufacturing of shaft-machining products. 


Inauguration of Goro Ogiso, President and CEO.


Established a large policing straightening machine in Nagoya Factory.

A large bar and turner, to expand production of high-precision and large-diameter shaft cutting.


Added the second and third machine shop factories in Kasugai (both two-stories), to expand production of small diameter shaft machining.

Established Fuji Shaft Co., Ltd. an affiliated company, in Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture.  Began the production of steel wire for cold heading and polished steel bars.


Kasugai Plant now certified as a “Polished Steel Bar” factory  with the Japanese Industrial Standards, and display permit plant (JIS G3130).


Began production and sale of slide shaft and  metric trapezoidal screw.


Mie Factory opens. Production and processing products in parallel shaft turning products and grinding products. 

Nagoya Factory received the award of Chubu Minister of International Trade and Industry for the Excellent Factory in Implementation of Industrial Standardization.


Shigeru Ogiso becomes the newly appointed President and CEO. Goro Ogiso is appointed as Chairman of the Board.

Began the production and sale of rolled ball screws.


Nagoya factory certified as ISO9002. 

Registration Number:JQA-QM3373


Kasugai factory is certified as ISO9002. 

Registration Number: JQA-QM6997 

Mie plant is certified as ISO9002. 

Registration Number:JQA-QM7066


Nagoya, Kasugai and Mie Factories updated to support ISO9001:2000

Registration Number:JQA-QM3373


Seki Factory opens.  Began the production and sale of plating shaft.


Certified factories in Nagoya,Kasugai,and  Mie, under ISO14001, Registration Number JQA-EM5478.


Established“Shirakawa Bar Precision,  an affiliated company in Shirakawa, Fukushima Prefecture. 


Tomohiro Ogiso is the  newly appointed President and CEO.  Shigeru Ogiso is appointed as Chairman of the Board.