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Top brand for high tech shafts

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for various types of industrial products

Ogiso Kogyo Co., Ltd. is committed to manufacturing the highest quality of polished steel bar in the industry.

We deliver products that assist in every area of auto parts, and machinery tools and parts within the following fields: transportation, construction, agriculture, and industrial. We are able to develop a broad range of products while taking advantage of new technologies, armed with over 80 years of manufacturing know-how. Browse our products below, or contact us directly for specific product information.


Main product

・Shock resistant absorber and piston rod for oil/air pressure cylinders that provide the comfortable ride of cars and bicycles

・Piston rods for construction machines and forklifts that require high durability

・High quality screws, slide shafts, trapezoidal feed screw shaft and ball screw shafts used in automated machines to maintain high performance

・Hard chrome plated bars with high wear resistance, high heat resistance and corrosion resistance


ISO certifiled

Nagoya plant achieved ISO9002 certification in 1999. Kasugai plant and Mie plant achieved ISO9002 certification in 2001. Nagoya, Kasugai, Mie and Seki plants achieved ISO14001 certification in 2004.